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CRUHSD Cuts Ties with Charter Schools! Frozen Jr. Play at Desert Star Postponed - Urgent Search for New Location

Desert Star Academy announces the postponement of its highly anticipated performance of Frozen the Musical. The decision comes as a result of an unexpected move by CRUHSD to sever ties with local Charter Schools, including Desert Star Academy.

This unfortunate development has left the school and its students devastated. However, in true theatrical spirit, Desert Star Academy remains hopeful and determined to find a new venue, because as we all know, the show must go on!

Cadance Johnson- as Elsa

The news of the postponement has caused immense sadness and disappointment to everyone involved. The scholars, who have poured their hearts and souls into preparing for the performance, were looking forward to showcasing their hard work and dedication to the community.

Gavin Johnson - as Olaf

Despite the setback, Desert Star Academy is actively exploring alternative options and venues to ensure that these talented scholars still get the opportunity to shine on stage. "We understand the profound impact this decision has on our students and the community. However, we remain committed to bringing Frozen the Musical to our beloved community," stated Sarah Thompson, the director of Desert Star Drama Productions. "We will keep everyone updated on our progress throughout this challenging period."

Desert Star Academy is deeply grateful for the understanding and support received from the community during this difficult time. Together, with unwavering determination, they are poised to overcome this obstacle and deliver a truly magical performance that these exceptional scholars deserve.

As the search for a new venue ensues, Desert Star Academy wishes to express its heartfelt appreciation to the Bullhead City Chamber of Commerce, the Boys and Girls Club of the Colorado River, Fox Creek Jr High, the Laughlin Aquarius Casino, and the Laughlin Avi Casino. These organizations have generously extended offers to host the Desert Star Drama Production of Frozen Jr., symbolizing the remarkable spirit of community support and solidarity.

In addition, a special shoutout goes to the Kiwanis Club for their continuous support and dedication throughout the entire process. Desert Star Academy acknowledges the essential role they have played and continues to play in the success of their productions. Visits to these potential venues are scheduled for next week as Desert Star Drama Production evaluates which location will be the perfect fit for their talented scholars. The outpouring of support from the community has been truly overwhelming, and Desert Star Academy remains incredibly grateful. Stay tuned for further updates on dates and venues as Desert Star Drama Production works diligently to bring Frozen.

This was posted by Fox Creek junior high, which is partof the Bullhead City Elementary school district which is separate from the Colorado River union high school district.

CRUHSD posted this on social media after Desert Star posted that the ties had been severed. (Pictured is the Fieldhouse which Desert Star rented for Football games as well as the Mohave High School auditorium which was rented for plays. )

This is an email from the CRUHSD superintendent circulating on social media.

This was put on the CRUHSD Facebook

This type of marketing campaign towards Charter Schools has been going on for more than 8 months when CRUHSD put billboards all over town like this

In the last couple weeks CRUHSD posted two full page ads in the Mohave Valley Daily Newspaper costing around $7,000.

CRUHSD Board member Carey Fearing has been very vocal about her feelings concerning the Superintendents behaviors stating the following on her Facebook page

The next CRUHSD Board Meeting is February 12 at 6:00 PM at the Anderson AutoGroup Fieldhouse. The public is welcome to come and speak during their three minute call to the public.

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