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Heartbreaking Loss: Community Gathers in Tribute to Alec Quintanar

Updated: Feb 3

In the early morning hours, a devastating loss struck the Quintanar family, as their beloved son, Aleczander Paul Quintanar, affectionately known as Alec, succumbed to the battle he fiercely fought. At 2:47 am today, Jade Mallary and Alec's father held their hands on his chest, feeling the last beat of his heart before he embarked on his new adventure in heaven.

Words alone fail to capture the immense sorrow and disbelief that now shroud his grieving parents. Alec's journey to the heavens began unexpectedly, leaving his family and friends questioning the cruelty of such a fate. How could a vibrant young life be taken away by something as seemingly innocuous as asthma?

The Quinatanar family searches for answers, grappling with the unreality of their loss. They wonder how they can move forward with their lives, knowing that the source of their greatest joy has been tragically extinguished. Alec was a remarkable young boy, brimming with dreams and ambitions that surpassed those of many his age. As a drummer, he possessed an extraordinary talent that captivated all who heard him play. His rhythmic beats reverberated with passion and brought smiles to countless faces.

Alongside his musical prowess, Alec's keen interest in video game coding and virtual reality game creation showcased his undeniable intellect and creativity. However, Alec's impact extended far beyond his individual accomplishments. He was a best friend, a confidant, and a role model to numerous children who were fortunate to know him.

To his brother, he was not just a sibling but a source of unwavering love and guidance. Alec's presence brought immeasurable happiness to his family, and now, their lives are forever altered without him. The void left in the wake of Alec's untimely departure is unfathomable.

Though his time with us was tragically brief, his spirit touched the hearts of countless individuals who were privileged to call him a friend. The outpouring of love and support from the community has been a source of solace for the Quintanar family during this harrowing time. The family expresses their heartfelt gratitude for the love and support they have received. They are deeply moved by the compassionate and comforting words dedicated to Alec's memory. They are especially grateful to those who stood by Alec when he needed it most, providing strength and prayer during his battle. The impact Alec made on the lives he touched is immeasurable.

Join Us for a Fundraiser and Candlelight Vigil

The community is cordially invited to come together and show their support at the upcoming fundraiser and candlelight vigil. This heartfelt event will take place on Sunday night, from 4 to 6 pm, at Riverview Mall. During this special gathering, we will honor the memory of Aleczander Paul Quintanar, who touched so many lives with his vibrant spirit and boundless potential.

It is an opportunity for us to come together as a community, united in grief, but also in love and solidarity. The fundraiser aims to provide financial assistance to the Quintanar family as they navigate this unimaginable loss. Your presence and generous donations will make a significant difference, helping them navigate the challenging days ahead.

As the sun sets and darkness envelops us, we will light candles to symbolize the eternal light Alec brings to our hearts. The glow of these candles will serve as a reminder of the love and light Alec brought into the world during his short-lived but impactful journey. Please join us at Riverview Mall this Sunday night, as we come together to celebrate the life and legacy of Alec, while offering our support to his grieving family.

Your presence and contributions, whether in the form of financial assistance or words of comfort, will be deeply appreciated. Let us stand shoulder to shoulder, bringing hope and solace during this difficult time. Together, we can provide strength and a sense of community while honoring Alec's memory. We look forward to seeing you there.

Date: Sunday

Time: 4-6 pm

Location: Riverview Mall

Purchase tickets for the dinner HERE

In loving memory of Aleczander Paul Quintanar.

If you would like to donate through Zelle this is Scott's number for zelle 928-792-3582

If you would like to send a card or check please send it to

Jade Mallory

2088 e crystal Dr

fort Mohave Az 86426

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