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How Bullhead is Working to End Human Trafficking

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

“Why do you care about human trafficking so much?” I asked my friend Sheena Hawkes as we were discussing her involvement in O.U.R. (Operation Underground Railroad)

Sheena Hawkes - Volunteer for O.U.R.

She reluctantly said, “I don’t have a story of personal abuse to tell, perhaps I am not the right person you should talk to.”

I reassured her, “No, you are the person that I want to talk to. What is your “why” for putting so much time and energy into this effort to bring awareness about human trafficking and sexual molestation.”

“Well, it is heart wrenching first of all, like it literally makes me sick to think about what these children go through. Also, I am a parent of four children and I am terrified for them.”

Curious I asked, “How did you first learn about human trafficking?”

“I watched a “Time Out for Women” by Tim Ballard (Founder of O.U.R.) He talked about how people do not want to face the fact that this is happening. If we are so uncomfortable talking about it, imagine how the victims feel.”

“What are some things that you are doing to keep your kids safe?”

“We have filters on our computers. We make sure that our kids know that when they are using our phones that they are “on loan” and that we can check and review them whenever we want. We teach them that trust is something that they must earn and keep it. Mostly I just talk with them, education is definitely the biggest way to combat it. There are so many different strategies that the traffickers use to try and lure kids in at all different ages and so it is important to educate my children in what to look out for. Here are some things that I teach my kids.

  1. Always know who you are talking to chatting with.

  2. Never give out personal information.

  3. Pay attention to how you feel. Teach children how to use their natural intuition.

  4. Be available for questions

Teaching our children how to be aware and think for themselves is critical.