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Revolutionizing Housing: The Abbott Brings Affordable Living to Bullhead City"

A momentous occasion took place today as a groundbreaking ceremony marked the beginning of construction for a brand new apartment complex in Bullhead City.

Located at the intersection of Clearwater and Riviera, The Abbott is a 66 unit development that meets a significant need for housing in the heart of the community.

With a budget of $23.16 million, this project aims to provide affordable housing options for families with varying needs. The 66 units available will consist of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom homes, catering to a wide range of household sizes.

Ground Breaking- photo credit City of Bullhead City

Eligibility for residency is based on income, specifically targeting families earning between 30-60% of the area median income (AMI). In addition to the much-needed housing units, The Abbott will also feature a clubhouse designed to enhance the residents' living experience. Within the clubhouse, there will be a community room where neighbors can gather and foster a sense of belonging.

A fitness center will offer opportunities for physical exercise and well-being, while a business center will provide a space for professional needs. Furthermore, the property management office will be conveniently located within the complex, ensuring efficient and responsive support for residents. It is noteworthy that The Abbott represents a significant milestone for Bullhead City, as it will be the first affordable housing development in the area in over 20 years.

This undertaking not only addresses the immediate housing needs of the community but also serves as a beacon of progress and a commitment to improving the quality of life for its residents. The groundbreaking ceremony heralds the start of a transformative journey for Bullhead City, one that will bring forth positive change and provide much-needed housing opportunities for families in the area.

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I think we need to bring more middle class people to our city. Building a "section 8 type housing (government assisted housing) will only lower our city image. We need to bring more revenue to our city. According to statistics the median Household income in Bullhead City is only $43,442 which is very low already so people with 30 to 60% of the median income of Bullhead City is only $13,042 - $26,065 so I am assuming the government and taxpayers will be picking up the majority of the monthly rent. And why do they need a business center? Most of them don't work and are already living off of government/ welfare funds. They would not bring new r…

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