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Zachery's Journey...through February

Zachery has continued to undergo intense chemo 4 times a week over the last two weeks as well as an oral chemo and a lumbar puncture with chemo every Tuesday. Which has resulted in lower than-ever blood counts. He has been experiencing severe bone pain, bruising, and nose bleeds. He hasn’t been able to keep food down and has had a lot of vomiting. He had received a blood transfusion as well as two platelet transfusions to help boost his counts.

He was cleared to come home to rest for a few days he has an appointment Friday to check his labs and to see if he needs another transfusion. He has one more lumbar puncture with chemo on Tuesday and hopefully a two-week break at home to let his little body recover. Zachery’s Dr said he is doing well and this is how chemo works it’s harsh for two weeks and then you get two weeks off to recover and to see how your body responds. Zachery has been home for two days now and he has greatly improved he is eating and thankfully most of it is staying down. His spirits remain high

and positive. He has been painting, making ornaments, and cooking with his mom. He wants to thank everyone for their continued love and support during this time The family has incurred a $380,000 medical bill over the last two months of treatment and would like to Thank everyone for their donations to help cover those costs. We still have a long road to go, but we are truly thankful for your continued love and support during this difficult time. Thank you

If you would like to make a donation to Zachery's Family to help them with medical bills please give through Zelle - the email you can use is


Christie Ball, a prominent member of our community, went through a severe battle with breast cancer a year ago in April.

"I was very grateful for the way that the community rallied around me. I was grateful that they cared. It made it possible to give my kids Christmas that year. With the help of the community and insurance I only have $5,000 left of medical debt which could have been so much bigger. I know how hard it was for me to go through those two weeks of chemo month after month, and to think of a kid going through that is a lot."

Christie works for River Valley Home Health and Hospice in Bullhead and her office has challenged the Lake Havasu and Kingman Branches to see who can raise the most money for Zachery. They have also challenged one another to wear the most orange on Thursdays.

As our community walks through this journey with Zachery and his parents and his sibling, just the knowledge that the community is behind them makes a huge difference. Zachery's classmates all made Valentine's cards for him to let him know how much they love him even though he couldn't celebrate with them this year.

Use the email above to write to Heather and let her know that our community is there to support them.


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