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Zachery Update

Zachery update 4/25/23

We headed to the clinic yesterday to check Zachery’s counts from the past two weeks of chemo, before he starts the next phase of chemo. Unfortunately his ANC was not recovered enough to start chemo, so he is off for the week to let his body and his counts recover. His hemoglobin went from 7.6 to 8.6, his platelets went from 90k to 314k, and his white blood cells went from 1.0 to 2.1 his bone marrow is making the correct cells which is great news. He did not need a blood or platelets transfusion last week or this week which is fantastic! We will monitor him closely and if a transfusion is needed Dr Gupta will order one for him, but it is not expected. We will return to the clinic on Tuesday to re check his counts and start chemo if his ANC is ready. If his ANC is ready he will receive a lumbar puncture and they will release a chemo that passes the blood brain barrier he will be admitted to the hospital so he can be closely monitored. He will receive extra fluids to help flush out the chemo, once his body flushes the chemo out and his counts are stable he will be released to go home. Dr Gupta said it depends on the kid some kids flush it out in a day or two some kids take a week or so. Once he is released he will take an oral chemo everyday except for Sunday and will return to the clinic in 15 days and the cycle will repeat. This round of chemo lasts for 59 days and has 4 lumbar punctures and requires hospitalization. Zachery is nervous about this phase of chemo, he dislikes being knocked out for the lumbar punctures and the way he feels when he wakes up, but he is ready. He has some nerve damage to his left foot so he goes to physical therapy at the clinic before his appointments and he has been doing those exercises at home to help strengthen his legs and to help correct the damage. He has fun during his physical therapy sessions and enjoys working out. The Drs name is Zach too so he thinks that is great. While he is home he has been cooking, playing, and just enjoying life as a normal kid. Through it all he is still smiling and full of love. Thank you all for the love and support 🧡

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