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Competition for Community at Ken Fovargue Park

I took my daughter Kathryn to the park where she wanted to play on the playground several weeks ago and I was pretty sad to see how dirty they were.

How is it that we clean up after ourselves when we go to the gym, which is all indoors, but at our parks with our kids we expect that the Parks and Rec staff will clean up after them.

So I took my daughter and some buckets and soap and started cleaning, well it was a lot bigger job than I had anticipated and so I reached out to the amazing ladies at Westcare Arizona's Hildy's House and five of them came the next morning to help.

I also contacted Dave Heath the Superintendent of Parks and Rec and he had some of his team come and pressure wash the playground equipment at Rotary Field by the soccer fields. There are soccer teams that come from all over to play on our fields and their younger children play on the playground equipment alongside our children, so we should do what we can to keep them clean for everyone.

After cleaning that playground I went and checked out the other playgrounds that we have in our parks and they were pretty dirty as well. So I thought what a great way to clean up and also highlight some amazing businesses in our town. So we had a Competition for Community.

Two amazing companies in our town COIT (928-704-9100)and 1st Call Restoration (928-704-0002) who normally comp