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Heartrending Nightmare: TASA Business Owners ten year old son in Critical Condition

Updated: Jan 31

In a devastating turn of events, Jade, the cherished owner of TASA coffee shop, and her husband Scott, who recently embarked on a new chapter working for the railroad, have been confronted with every parent's worst nightmare.

Their 10-year-old son, Alec, was struck by a severe asthma attack, leaving him gasping for air and his life hanging in the balance.

Alec's battle with asthma took a harrowing turn, plunging him into cardiac arrest while his distraught father, Scott, sprang into action, instinctively initiating CPR with Jade assisting to keep their precious boy alive until medical professionals could arrive. The sound of approaching sirens brought a glimmer of hope as paramedics took over, administering the vital epinephrine that managed to revive Alec. Yet, tragically, fate dealt another cruel blow when he coded once again en route to the hospital, and then a third time at Valley View.

Alec was quickly airlifted to Sunrise Hospital in Henderson, where a team of dedicated healthcare providers fought ardently to stabilize his critical condition. Currently, Alec clings to life on a ventilator, battling not only the physical toll of his condition but also the challenges posed by seizures that further complicate his fragile state.

In a heart-wrenching moment etched into the minds of all those present, Alec's final words before succumbing to unconsciousness were a plea that will forever resonate with our tightly-knit community: "Please pray for me." As we stand together in times of adversity, the call to action becomes resoundingly clear. Our collective prayers, love, and unwavering support are desperately needed for Jade, Scott, and their family during this unimaginably trying chapter.

Jade, renowned for her warm smile and the inviting ambiance of TASA coffee shop. The opening of her new TASA location was supposed to be this Thursday however, this unforeseen tragedy has forcefully interrupted those plans. However, the community's focus remains steadfastly on Alec's fight for recovery and the outpouring of love and support that continues to cascade in from near and far.

During these tumultuous times, both Scott and Jade have not left Alec's side, their unwavering presence and devotion reverberating through the hospital corridors. Additionally, the couple must navigate this unimaginable journey alongside their older son London, age 16, as they draw strength from their tight-knit family and community.

To support them with the mounting medical bills you can send money through Zelle

You can also mail them an encouraging card and check to:

Sunrise Childrens Hospital

3186 S Maryland Pkwy

Las Vegas, NV 89109

PICU - Room 5004

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