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Lemonade Comes to the Aid

Summerlynn and Rosie are the grand daughters of Kim and Jerry whose home burned down in Bullhead just a couple of days ago. They wanted to do something to help their grandparents who just lost everything including their two dogs who perished in the fire.

Their mom Mykayla helped them set up early this morning. Nick, Mykayla’s bother also helped out at the lemonade stand today. Many people came by some just wanting to give a donation. “We made about $500. It was so amazing to see so much community support.” said Mykayla.

Kim & Jerry own the land their house burned down on, and it was an electrical fire so their isn’t any further investigation from the Bullhead City Fire Department. Unfortunately they didn’t have home insurance.

So they need some assistance in clearing the lot of all the debris. I will be reaching out to some companies tomorrow that may be able to help, but if you are reading this and you can help or know of someone that can help clear the lot please text or call me 928-444-2896.

They have a Go Fund Me

if you would like to donate the money is going towards a down payment for a Clayton Modular home which will be placed on their lot once it is cleared. If you would prefer to give in person you can drop off cash, check or gift cards to 2580 Landon Dr suite A. open 8-4 (Mohave Environmental Labs) Mykayla will come by to get them.

Life just gave this family a bowl full of lemons and they made lemonade literally. Thank you to everyone that donated today. They have a long road ahead of them and will need our continued support and encouragement. Bullhead is such a generous and loving community. Together we Make Bullhead Better 😊

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