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Not Enough Blood...

All blood types are needed to donate blood. When I spoke with Heather a couple of days ago she told me that Zachery had to receive A+ blood even though his blood type is O+. The blood shortage is serious and we as a community can help to save not only Zachery's life but countless others by giving blood.

Having a Saturday blood drive means that teachers and people that normally work during the day can come and support Zachery and his family by being able to donate blood.

"There will be a lot of teachers like me that will be donating, we normally can't attend blood drives because we are teaching and they are usually held during the weekdays." Shanda Weiler MALC 4th Grade teacher

The blood drive will be happening in collaboration with the Bullhead City Swap Meet which will be happening at the same location on Saturday.

I would like to say thank you to the Bullhead Area Chamber of Commerce for donating the use of the upper room of the Chamber for Vitalant to use to conduct this blood drive.

The Blood Drive will take place inside the upper room at the Bullhead Chamber of commerce at 1251Hwy 95. If you would like to make an appointment to give blood you can at or you can call 877-258-4825. You can also just show up the day of the event, but you may have to wait in line to give so making an appointment is encouraged.