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Overcoming Perception

Perception is such an interesting thing isn’t it. People always say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but we ALWAYS do.

Nowadays I imagine it would be something more along the lines of don’t judge a person by their Facebook profile or their Instagram feed, but once again we ALWAYS do. We will take a selfie 20 times before posting the perfect picture…with a filter of course. To show what we want our life to be like, or should I say what we want people to perceive our life to be like.

This Saturday those filters come off. The ten women that will be speaking at the Overcome Women’s Conference each only get 20 minutes to share their stories so they will be diving into the deep end of the emotional pool. They will be real and vulnerable and show that no matter how put together they may look on the outside WE ARE ALL THE SAME. We are all a bunch of hot messes, that need one another. That need to be seen and heard.

How can someone else talking about the intense trails that they have been through encourage you? The goal of these conferences is for every single person in the audience to walk away feeling like they are NOT alone. If these ten women can go through hell and back and not just live but live victoriously then you can too.

Hope can be a lifeline or a noose it just depends how you hold onto it. Are you hoping that your life will one day go back to the “Way it was” ? Sorry to tell you but you are tying that noose around your own neck and you don’t even realize it. One of the only constants is change and that means that each of us must hold onto hope in the form of a lifeline that is rescuing us from our past hurts to bring us into the present and future. Not that any of us will ever forget that pain and difficulty but instead of it weighing us down we can allow it to lift us up and as we rise our example lifts others around us.

Some of the topics that will be discussed will be:

· Depression/Anxiety

· Domestic Violence

· Alcoholism

· Paper Tigers

· Sexual Abuse

· Loss of a child

· Drug Addiction

· Loss of a spouse