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Want to Change a Life?

A Good Coach Can Change a Game, A Great Coach Can Change a Life - John Wooden

So many people want to make a difference. They want to leave this world a better place. How does that happen? It happens when we step up and make change happen. It isn't going to happen without you and me taking action.

"We desperately need to get coaches for our upcoming basketball leagues. We are in need of TEN Coaches before Nov 4th. As well as an additional six to ten more shortly after in order to successfully run our camps this year!" Kristin Williams, Development Administrator for the Boys and Girls Club Youth Basketball Program

Coaches would commit to once a week practices (roughly an hour long, but are flexible and scheduled Monday - Thursday) and then Saturday games (around an hour to two hours at most), exact times are to be determined still. Majority of the coaches that are needed are for youth aged 5-9 so no previous experience is necessary. We also could use 2-3 referees which would be on Saturdays, times to be determined. "Coaches can even be high school students (16+) who are in need of volunteer hours!" - Williams

“Coaching the Club basketball program is very enjoyable,” Toby Cotter (Bullhead City Manager) said. “The development and progression that you see from the youth is amazing. The program is a great introduction to basketball for our community. I’ve coached for 11 seasons and have seen some great basketball, engaged youth, lessons learned, but more than anything the development of friendships between the players. My own kids who played in the program still talk about it often.”

We are also searching out local businesses who would want to sponsor a team and get their logo on the backs of the jerseys. Sponsorships are $200 for the logo to be on the backs of the jerseys and $400 if you want to also receive a banner that would be displayed in the gym year round!

"Sponsoring a team is a win-win, you get to help youth develop skills for both on and off the court but also get your business name seen by hundreds" Kristin Williams, Development Administrator

"Basketball isn't just a sport, it's a way to express how you feel, it's a way to communicate. Being a coach doesn't only apply on the court - you get to be a mentor to a child/teen who needs to be heard and validated both on and off the basketball court. You are their punching bag that doesn't hit back but keeps feeding their drive and will. -Gilbert Herrera, Basketball Coordinator / Fort Mohave Unit Director

Do you have a couple of hours that you can commit to changing the lives of the youth in our community for the better? Giving back to others is one of the best ways to find happiness and fulfillment in this life. If you are interested in coaching or sponsoring or both please contact Kristen at or 928-763-1411

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