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You’ve Been Ghosted

Christie Ball is spreading awareness about Breast Cancer. “This is dear to my heart because early detection would've saved me from my cancer spreading & further treatments. I wasn't good about checking my boobs.”

“When I first felt a bump I convinced myself it was a fibroid cyst. When it grew I couldn't get in anywhere because of COVID & was told I could wait. It continued to grow so I went to Urgent Care to get someone to order a mammogram.

By the time I got to biopsy I had a massive aggressive cancerous tumor that had spread to my lymph nodes. I'm also looking at having my other breast completely removed & my ovaries. Further treatment would've been avoided if it had been removed sooner. I have finished 9 weeks of chemo & have 11 more to go before radiation to my underarm. I'm lucky, grateful & blessed to be alive!

I share this to bring awareness to something as simple as a self check in the shower. Check your boobies my friends & teach young ladies to check theirs. If something doesn't seem right you know your body & get another opinion!

Let's play a game! You've been ghosted👻 The goal is to see how many homes this pumpkin can hit for breast cancer awareness month. To remind our friends to check their boobies & to bring awareness to the young ladies in the house.

Just asking anyone that gets ghosted to post a picture with the pumpkin & pass it on to a friend!”

Who will be next?🤔😏

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