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Wanted- Young Entrepreneurs for YOUTH MARKET

As a child, I absolutely loved business. I would sit on the school bus and look out the window at yards filled with weeds and think to myself, I bet I could ask the owners if I could pick their weeds for .25 a bag.

Perhaps your child is good at making cookies, sewing, cross stitching, making hair bows, wood working, pottery...etc. As a parent of two young children I can already start to see their natural talents and inclinations. During summer it is a wonderful time to really let your kids talents shine.

Here is the PDF form that you can fill out to get your child registered in the first Community Youth Market.

This event is happening at the same time and at the same location as the Family Fun Festival. At the Anderson Auto Group Fieldhouse. We will have vendor spaces for adults that are ($50) and vendor spaces for youth ages 5-18 years old that are ($20) This is a wonderful opportunity to get a lot of exposure for your child's business as there will be a lot of people coming to this event. If you are interested in your child participating please fill out the form above and e-mail it to the e-mail that is also on the form. Perhaps you are a parent that also has a business and you would like a booth as well. That's wonderful! Please call Joleen at the fieldhouse to get the adult vendor form. If you have an informational booth or non-profit those booth spaces are FREE. The number to the fieldhouse is 928-219-3030

It wasn't long ago that children had paper routes that they ran on their bikes, although times have changed the important benefits of children starting their own businesses teaches them a multitude of valuable life skills that will stay with them as they get older.

Here is a wonderful article about some of the awesome ways that your child starting their own business can be helpful for them as they grow up.

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